A Book About Managing the U.S., China Team DifferencesAbout the Book

“Yoshida in China: Managing Sino-U.S. disconnects”

Junko Yoshida, of EETimes reviewed this book and said something that aptly describes what I was trying to do with this book: "At a time when China observers in the U.S. struggle to unlock the mysteries of the Chinese market through academic books, … [Read more]

Chinese Language iBook Now on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

After what seemed like ages, at last the Chinese version of the book is live as iBook on Apple iBookstore. It took me a while to get the EPUB3 version right, but it's here now. Now you can read this book on any iOS device such as iPad, iPhone, iPod … [Read more]

When You Map China-US Disconnect Patterns To The Specifics of Mindset, Process, EXE Skill, Expectations & Habits…

Then all of a sudden, you are no longer wallowing in the generalities of some vague China-US differences. Now your management challenge becomes more tangible; it begins to be specific. The arrows in the above picture - pointing in the opposite … [Read more]

Your Management is Probably Considering China Quite Seriously Already, Even if You Are Not Thinking it, Yet

If you are in the U.S., and working in a technology company, you already know that you can't ignore the China factor. Think about it this way. You know that your big customers are moving into China already. No brainer here. But you also know … [Read more]

Chinese Language Version Now on Google Play, Which Means You Can Read This Book on iPad & Android Devices

Just got the Chinese version of the book all ready for download on Google Play. I've updated this site so you should see the links on the sidebar and on the Chinese book page. … [Read more]

It All Starts With A Sound Strategic Move, Then…

[quote style="1"]While Emory was dealing with the persistent challenges in managing the China-U.S. teams, SanGuo did not have that issue because it was wholly based in Shanghai. [page 18][/quote] … [Read more]

What Are The Disconnect Patterns I Covered in The Book

When I began making outline for the book, I came up with something like seventy-six, yes 76, differences that could be categorized as disconnect patterns. I whittled them down to twenty that I discuss in the book. Here is a list. … [Read more]