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The Disconnect Patterns: Notes for Managing a U.S.-China High Technology Company



If you are working in a China-U.S. company, then sooner or later you will begin hearing words to the effect of:

“It is very difficult to work with China folks,”

Welcome. This book is written with you in mind.

It is about the disconnect patterns such as these. Disconnects like these are at the center of most China-U.S. companies these days.

More generally speaking, they are appearing repeatedly in a high technology company with operations in the U.S. and in China.

They run deep. They do not spare anything, contaminating the company’s day-to-day decisions, its execution and its communication.

I wrote this book to expose such disconnect patterns.



I can tell you from my experience that, when a China-U.S. company is infected with these disconnect patterns, it is like being thrown into a big washing machine. You feel like you are being whirled around in an irreconcilable mix of the U.S. and China skill differences, time differences, language differences, geographical distance and culture differences.

And then it starts to spin out of control into a maelstrom of execution failures, product delays, unhappy customers and eventually, layoffs.

That hurts.

In this book you will read about ways to think about these disconnect patterns. It won’t give you easy solutions. But it will help you get a start. After that you are on your own.

To keep it real, in this book I tried to humanize these disconnects by setting them in a fictional company, Emory Semiconductors.

By showing the real-world struggles of the Emory employees, and showing how, after a crushing loss of their #1 customer, they crawl their way back out of the hole, I suggest directions, so you may craft your own solutions that fit your company, before it is too late to act.

WHEN THE STORY STARTS, there is a crisis at Emory. A fast-moving competitor, an all-China company with young, energetic and highly motivated founders from Shanghai, is threatening to take Emory’s customer away.

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