Five Broad Lessons-learned When You Manage a U.S.-China Chip Company, or My Discussion with EE Times’ Junko Yoshida

We had such an interesting discussion, covering surrounding topics centered on, what else, the U.S.-China chip company management. I am quite sure that my experience is just a sliver in a variety of differing experiences of those in similar position, but I’ll say this: every time I come away from performing in a role for an extended period of time (4 plus years, in this case), I yearn for more of it, promising myself I’ll do better this time. Talking, writing, discussing, letting other experiences sway me, is the only way to move forward. Here’s the link to Junko’s article.

Last week I had a chance to sit down with Raj Karamchedu, author of a book entitled, “The Disconnect Patterns: Notes for Managing a U.S.-China High Technology Company.” After reviewing the book earlier this month, I was eager for a face-to-face meeting with the author–for two reasons. First